Friday, January 6, 2017

Another cool & fun, low cost way to work from home online to help support your
horsey habit! Check it out here & let me know if you need any help at all !
Made in our own lab with natural ingredients in available scents for both guys &
gals ! Check out all the products & bath fun tools at .

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Jobs that let a horse Mom be home more to ride !

So what are some jobs you could do working from home ? Ever thought about it ?

Direct Sales can give you the schedule you want since you basically work for
yourself and make your own hours plus you can sell something you already know you love.
Virtual assistants, doing work for others online via Fiverr or another site that offers contract posting of small tasks as well as what someone is willing to pay someone to do the task for them.
Pet Sitting another great way to make some money at home by posting on social media, Craigslist & Facebook groups that are be local to you.
Housecleaning is a very popular way to make money now too with so many executives working more & more hours.
Babysitting if you are experienced & have a few good references. Many offer their sitting services on Facebook pretty often as I always see people posting that they are available for it & times/days
available in my newsfeed.
Cleaning grave markers & headstones in cemeteries is an excellent choice as
well as not a popular service but if home of those has passed doesn't bother you, this could
get to be a very lucrative way to drag in some bucks !
Feel free to post any others you may know or think of in the comments below.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Speaking of horses.....

Have you ever noticed the scent of a horse when they are due for deworming ?
And if you're like me, I never really notice it until I am brushing up to get
ready to ride ! Which brings me to another point...
So there's NO time to give a bath right before leaving for a ride so what do
you do to help hide the stinch which, gets worse as the horse sweats during riding ?
All the aerosol spray home fragrances are unsafe for use on animals BUT
I found a home fragrance company that offers a USA made , safe & non-toxic
liquid fragrance called Soaks ! Very strong liquid that arrives gift-boxed and in a
squirt bottle ! SO of course I ordered some right away to see if squirting on the saddle
blanket would work as a cover up for that smell ! Voila, it did ! Next I ordered again to
use in my home around my small pets and now in most every room in my house !
You can check it all out here no more smelly horse ! All the scents are guaranteed but
just an FYI, they all smell exactly like their name ! So get some Soaks & squirt your
saddle pad then plan on deworming ASAP so your horse stays healthy enough to ride.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A SPECIAL thanks... Dr. Green and Dr. Seale in their treatment & recommendations regarding my mare. They are truly the best vets I have ever known, or ever will. This was the second horse they have seen of mine with tendons completely lacerated and both horses are doing very well & riding today !

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Miracle horses...

Ever had a horse so severely injured, the vet recommended putting it down ? If so, please share your story here.

I also have not one, but TWO! I will be back later to share my story and the reasons they should have already crossed the rainbow bridge as well as the reason they didnt. They are still with me today and will be until one of us goes first.